au Voyage

Based in the UK Midlands, au Voyage mixes a blend of bespoke analogue and digital technologies in order to abstract a soundworld that is inspired by ‘the landscape.’


This Is Talahachi (12″) – ‘Iridium’ [Talahachi, 2014]

A Jubilee Of The Senses (EP) – ‘Antigen’ [Talahachi, 2014]

People At Work: In The Office (EP) – ‘Radian’ [Talahachi, 2015]

Mercrine (EP) – [Bakroom, 2015]

With works on Talahachi and now on Bakroom au Voyage’s broad range & capabilities in multiple genres is a testament to his skills as a producer. Check back regularly for more releases by this emerging artist – au Voyage.

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