Born in 1977, David discovered electronic music through his father who was listening to bands such as Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze.

In 1990, he was first exposed to House music and techno, which led to a knowledge of a whole new World he never knew existed and naturally from there he evolved into djing in 1996.

2009, he decided to take a bigger step, putting himself into the realm of composition, producing two years later his first EP « Michigan Sensation » on the label Lo-Deep Recordings. Thereafter, he made a lot of tracks and remixes on differents label such as Lumina, Logos, Aztlan, Nice&Nasty, Red Robot, Difu, Pbr, Pulsar & now Bakroom.

Dave also works with his brother OuD!n13, producing tracks under the name of G-Prod.

Here are some examples of his music 🙂

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