Real name Declan Gorman, dego is an Irish producer based in Kildare. Been interested in producing music since the Commodore Amiga introduced 4 mono / 2 stereo tracking capabilities.

Writing music is something that is done purely for the enjoyment factor. It is considered a bonus when other people like what I do. Variation is important to my writing and my catalogue of releases reflects this.

A regular contributor to PlayDublin’s Vital Mining show in 2013 resulted in a spotlight show in April.

I only started taking an interest in DJing in 2009 as a result of setting up a local club night with friends. Going under the moniker of Speaker Boy, we enjoyed three moderately successful years of regular monthly nights to showcase ourselves and other local DJs. We extended the residency to a day long Summer Session that occurred once a year. My DJ sets are equally as varied as my productions so you are likely to hear everything thrown into the mix.

Currently focusing on writing and producing, the goal is to release more music to those that appreciate it and continue to listen. Anything not released on a label can be found on my SoundCloud page or


Digital Releases:

Change for a Fifty (Original Mix) (Monad Music) 2009

Because – Minimal Perspective (dego Tech House mix) (2LS2Dance) 2009

The Rising EP ( 2009

Woosha ñ Rising Higher (dego Inspiring House mix) (Worldwide Exclusive Records) 2010

Making Waves EP ( 2012

Taming The Wild EP ( 2013

Making Waves EP (RK Deeplove Records) 2013

Summer Jamz EP (RK Deeplove Records) 2013


Digital Footprint: