Stephen Lopkin

We have 2 scintillating EP’s forthcoming from Stephen Lopkin over the next 12 months.

Bio & music to follow.

In the meantime wrap your ears around these 2 releases by Stephen on Urban Torque and Lumina 🙂


Singles & Albums

Deux EP Urbantorque

Frantic EP Urbantorque

Fourteenth May (Album Sampler) Urbantorque

Siete Guitarras Lumina

1985 Endless Illusion

XT-TR Tulipa Recordings

The Haggis Trap M>O>S Recordings

Rannoch Moor Talahachi


Justin Chodzko – Delta Sun (Stephen Lopkin Remix) Urbantorque

M.A.D. – Brainwaves (Stephen Lopkin Remix) Urbantorque

SumSuch – Latenite Bypass (Stephen Lopkin Remix) Urbantorque

Jay Leblone – We’re All On A Journey (Stephen Lopkin Remix) Urbantorque

Misfitz – Want Me (Stephen Lopkin Remix) Urbantorque

Corrugated Tunnel – 2nd Thoughts (Stephen Lopkin Dub) UrbanTorque

Avatars – The Air (Stephen Lopkin Remix) Ultra Records

Relation – Optimistic (Stephen Lopkin Remix) Urbantorque

Robbie Pardoel ft. Nick Sandler – Instantly Over (Stephen Lopkin Remix) Outside The Box Music

Solarity – Hunted (Stephen Lopkin) Urbantorque

John Beltran – Aquatic (Stephen Lopkin – Ocean Spray Rework) Divuldge

Bageera – For All I Did (Stephen Lopkin Remix) Espai Music

Urban Ohmz – After Dark (Stephen Lopkin Remix) Red October Records

Orlando Voorn – Magnet (Stephen Lopkin Electromagnetic Remix) Divuldge

Layup – Red Light Groovin’ (Stephen Lopkin rework) Endless Illusion

Miinus – Grim Wedding (Stephen Lopkin Remix) Red October Records

Einsauszwei – Easy Step (Stephen Lopkin Mix) Tulipa Recordings