Sylar - Bakroom

Casting a wide net musically Sylar’s productions reflect his hope to stylistically join-the-dots between disparate musical genres.
In his music there is a vein of techno nostalgia pulsing under the hood,  and a keen desire for experimentation with new musical tropes.
Having accidentally discovered acid house through a pirate radio station at the age of 10 the mould was set for Sylar. A life-time fascination with electronic music was born. Sharing music with friends lead to pre-jungle hardcore which in turn lead to Sylar becoming vinyl enthusiast and dj hopeful.
Djing since 1998 Sylar has performed in clubs in Dublin, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Birmingham, Limerick and Wales.
Producing since 1995 His tracks have gained support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Dj Hell, Satoshi Tomiie, and Funk Agenda.
In 2007, Christian Boshell reached out through myspace with interest in Sylar’s music and commissioned a remix.
Since then Sylar and Christian have become frequent collaborators under the guise of Calbos, adding a groovier more percussive side to Sylar’s minimal techno influenced teutonic electro.
In 2009 Sylar’s flagship track mellow was released on Omnis and proved popular amongst djs such as Laurent Garnier and dj hell, also making it onto Satoshi Tomiie’s renaisance masters cd compilation.