Ambient music is a genre of music that puts an emphasis on tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm. Au Voyage’s mini album Mercrine evokes so many visuals while listening to this ambient journey, from enjoying the beautiful “atmospheric”  opener that is the title track – Mercrine, through the interludes that each have their own unique spell binding moments. To say too much is to take away from the scope which it covers.

The first of hopefully many au Voyage ambient & electronica releases on Bakroom, with a running time of 28:30 secs, its memorable to say the least & here @ Bakroom we feel honoured to welcome it to our fledgling label.

We hope you enjoy the music on this Bakroom release and its always good to remember, 100’s of hours go into the making of such a release, from the distribution and making of artwork, to the most important part, the music production, so please, support the artist and us the label by buying this release!

It’s all about the music d-_-b