Code Bushido – Mission EP

This EP is a collection of five songs by Irish electronica duo Code Bushido.
What resonates through this EP is an intensity, deep love of electronic music culture, 808 rhythms, bass sampling from the roots of house music.In these moments of the unknown future, fear and disorientation can seem to take hold in our society, each of us recently has been called on to do their part by limiting our movements and hopefully keeping a safe social distance by staying at home re-evaluating in some cases what matters in life.
The title track ‘Mission’ is a deep house groove harking back to the deep dubby days of Chicago House, Cleveland City records and producers like Marshall Jefferson, Direct 2 Disc, and Charles Webster, it reminds us of how interdependent we are, the house music scene is a part of our global culture us and currently, we are disconnected from it, ourselves and ultimately nature.We had to share with you 5 Code Bushido moments of sound design for big sound systems, deep love & hope for the dancefloor.

Thanks for listening to to the music <3


released October 23, 2020

Music, Photography and Graphic Design by Code Bushido