Code Bushido – The Ponderer

Irish mainstays, Aidan Kelly and label head Christian Boshell are ‘Code Bushido’ they met in Dublin in the early 90s.

Code Bushido produces electronic music in the very broad-stroked genres of deep techno and organic house and electronica.
As their second release here on Bakroom, we are proud to share with you ‘The Ponderer’. A tough percussive workout, built on heavy house and techno. Expect wonky synthesizer programming, obscure vocals, foley edits, and environmental mishaps. Think trains, cars, dialogue, industrial grinds and cuts or anything they see fit and you’ve got the Code Bushido sound.

Included is an equally energetic techno production by Teqnov aka Toine Cleophas.
Teqnov has re-programmed the pounding drums and brought the chords and low end more to the fore, the electrifying bass sitting beautifully in the mix adds that extra layer of depth. One of our favorite remixes by a new up and coming artist this year.
Teqnov has had music released on one of Amsterdam’s finest Techno labels; Repressure Recordings and has recently signed to Silver M, the label of Spanish Techno DJ/Producer Fátima Hajii.

All tracks are available for licensing



Released June 28, 2020

Written by C.Boshell, A.Kelly

Arranged, Engineered & Mastered by C.Boshell

Photography Aidan Kelly