Dave-G aka David Gaugain is one half of French Production brothers G-Prod and hails from Bordeaux in France.
G-Prod have been causing quite a stir, with their deep, detroit, dubby melodic influenced house and techno productions of late. They have seen their works released on labels such as Soiree, Biotech, Omnis, Symmetric, CZ Code, Specimen records and here on Bakroom.
His music has gathered massive support from the worlds finest, including Derrick May, Laurent Garnier and Fabrice LigWith his solo debut on Bakroom, Dave-G kicks off with the title track Believe in music, which is a deep, hypnotic subtle production, full of nuances. The haunting vocal layers over the many textures and the bass tops off the harmonic content to create a beautiful soundscape.
The second track on the EP -1990, is a slightly tougher affair, the first time we heard it, it reminded us of a boundary pushing slice of techno/house, layered with pad/chords and a clever syncopation via the percussion, nothing is rushed, subtlety is what this one is all about.Lastly we have the aptly named Journey to the center of cortex, a journey into the melodic mindset of David Gaugain.

We hope you enjoy this release 🙂

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