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GuyRo is an Irish-born, Spanish-based electronica DJ and producer, focusing on cooking up an infectious fusion of synth-laden techno and progressive house. Not one to be pigeon-holed into a singular style or tempo, GuyRo traverses the spectrum of dance music, with his sets comprising of everything from downtempo, electronica, to the tougher grooves of house and techno. While his music is fluid and free, one thing that remains constant is his ability to take listeners on a journey of sound. With a slew of releases already under his belt and constant releases in the pipeline, GuyRo has set the bar high for his work ethic and continues to dedicate himself to the craft.

 4 mixes in all to choose from, 2 ambient downtempo mixes and two melodic techno-tinged 4/4 mixes with Techno and Ambient remixes by  Phraktal

GuyRo also hosts the excellent electronic music show Sin Fronteras.
Some of his previous releases can be found on labels such as Balkan Connection, Soundscapes Digital & most recently Se-lek Musik.

With his latest Ep Cassiopeia, he’s delivered two excellent mixes that really made our heads turn, emotive deep techno & ambient downtempo dub.

The remixes by Phraktal are 2 hypnotic electronic soundscapes, “the Reprise” in particular has a real Sci-Fi feel to it, turn it up and melt into the sound design, with a heavy emphasis on space and fx, while centering both mixes around the beautiful dub synth chords & bass of the original.

We hope you enjoy this Bakroom release.

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