Oud!n13 – Illusioniste

OuD!N13 pronounced HOO-DEE-NEE  debuted on Bakroom with 2 ethereal and hypnotic Detroit influenced tunes in the shape of The other side of the wormhole and M105 back in 2016. With his brother Dave G they form the G-prod production Duo from Bordeaux in France and have a beautiful back catalogue behind them.

Their recent Originals and remixes have garnered an array of support from Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Vince Watson, Dave Clarke, Paul Mac, Fabrice Lig, Dan Curtin, Satoshi Fumi, Josh Wink, Ian O’Donovan, Dimitri Kneppers.

We are very proud to welcome Nicolas and his album Illusioniste to Bakroom, it’s contains 13 artfully concocted, almost otherworldly songs, a deep analog journey into beautiful sonic territory.
Analog synthesis, chords, delayed melodies as communicated from another universe, all driven by rhythms which are subtle in their prowess.

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The first release off the album was “M105” & “The Other side of the wormhole” which recieved feedback from  Richie HawtinMarco CarolaFabrice Lig, Michel de HeyMark KavanaghDavid GranhaSilinderPhraktalSylar MusicNaveen GQaitek, Taho [F-Communications], Jules Wells & Mindmusik Phraktal, Mitch Alexander [Microcastle]

The follow up single “Awakening” is due Summer 2018 & has been remixed by Static interference

oud!n13 – Illlusioniste gives us a glimpse into a unique sense of improvised songwriting, a wonderful explorative album where space, jazz & techno melodies and structure seem to drift into their own chasm, we really hope you enjoy this wonderful collection of techno, dub and electronica tracks as much as we have.