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Phraktal is Music Producer Christian Boshell [Static Interference] Brian Cody & John Dwyer (DJ Casper), who have all been highly active within the electronic music/club scene for some years now. Their debut album, the intriguingly titled “Why 1 Is One And 2 is Two”, was released in March 2015 and covers a multitude of genres, ranging from sci-fi inspired electronica, ambient soundscapes, deep house, breaks, and tech-house, through to techno.

The trio’s highly original, quirky electronic style is already gaining critical praise and support around the globe as they create decidedly danceable gems by flexing their diverse production skills, avoiding easy and obvious sounds within the electronic spectrum. For example, the album opens with the experimental film soundscape of “Now Or Never”, flows effortlessly forward with the luscious deep house of “Mindshapes”, before “Fusion” takes a hypnotic deep trip into the effervescent Detroit Techno inspired territory.

Diversity is what makes this album such an exciting prospect – “Hanging Around Corners” takes a fizzing breaks blueprint to introduce some cosmic beauty to the proceedings. “System Error” conjures up memories of classic tunes of old, whilst updating that attitude for current tastes. The album title track written with Jamez finds itself exhibiting maximum peak-time, euphoric dancefloor potential, before the razor-sharp techno beats of “Transfer” takes the energy up to an even higher level, and “XXII Ely” adds a little acid to reach a suitably climactic peak. Finally, the sprawling ambient some have whispered masterpiece that is “Resonance” brings Phraktal’s experimentation full-circle with a suitably show-stopping finale.

Creating this stunning debut album took the guys over 1000+ hours of studio time, completed over a 2 year period, with the final product a concise 9 track selection that they feel most clearly expresses the Phraktal sound.


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