Phraktal and OUD!N13 – Resonance

Finally, the penultimate single release from Phraktal‘s debut album “Why 1 is One and 2 is Two” gets released. The sprawling ambient some have whispered masterpiece which is “Resonance” brings Phraktal’s experimentation full-circle with a suitably show-stopping finale. Resonance is a collaboration with OUD!N13 who is one half of G-Prod, drenched in ambience with a heavy leaning on analogue synthesis, this ambient piece sounds just as fresh as it did when it was released on the album back in 2015.
Complete with remixes from Stephen Lopkin and a long sweeping version by Christian Boshell.
Phraktal phraktal Phraktal and OUD!N13 – Resonance Phraktal BlacknWhite1500 1024x683