Socket Hog – Earth/Terra

Part of Socket Hog’s “Purple Dragon’ album. With “Earth” he communicates in a deeply emotive, almost visual manner with feelings centered around the more organic and symbiotic nature of our planet, while still retaining the attention to the sound design production elements.

This is a more contemporary electronica piece not nearly as experimental as some of the other works on the album.

The Layered samples and foley [Thunder, Jungle and Rain] mixed, time stretched and edited together with analog type lounge chords, sees us return to our ambient/downtempo side. Inspired by soundtracks and ambient chill out albums by Cafe Del Mar and perfect for those reflective relaxation moments that we all deserve and need.

When we first thought about who we should get to remix Oud!n13 immediately sprang to mind, his live complex and yet beautiful arrangments seen him turn in a dub ambient style version, using lots of the original parts to great effect, pronounced Hoo Dee Nee after the great Houdini, he is one half of French production outfit G-Prod.

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